Good videos to come soon!  Come on Spring...Hurry up!    17.1h 5y TB Mare.   A tall classic beauty.  The "Big Red's"   Big Red!  Taken her right off the track from Belmont to Bay Breeze Farm.  4 starts, no placings - too slow to be a race horse!  Violettas is now restarted off track and looking good!  Put on over 150 lbs, bulking up nicely and coming along brilliantly in the ring and hacking around.  This is an amazing prospect.   Still getting acquainted with a bit of balance and some slow work and progressing nicely.   Violettas  will be an excellent 3 day eventer, equitation or hunter prospect.  

Her routine consists of lunging classically, some cavalletti's and transitions with voice command.  She is a willing smart forward horse.  Her brain is better than most horses I've seen come in and definitely in the top 5 category of OTTB's.  I am so excited to keep this paragraph going as time goes by.  Bonus:  SHE IS BAREFOOT! Woohoo. Love this.  

No spooking, bucking, rearing, bolting, shying....nothing.  Just a good work ethic and I love this mare.  She wants her person.  She looks for you to be her alpha.  After serious consideration, I have decided not  She is the best prospect I have come across in years.  If you are a serious buyer that wants to take your time and bring her along slowly to have the best upper level contender, you can text or call me.  

If you are interested in this mare, I will consider the right person for the right price.  If you are not affiliated with a trainer that understands bringing along OTTB's, please skip this horse.  If you want to see videos of her jumping and doing flying changes, she is not there yet and continue onto another horse.  I take my time and she will be working steadily and slowly and she will one of the best ones to come off my farm. 

She moves better than some warmbloods and throws her shoulders so forward and nicely, I smile at the vision of the future of her!  No known issues or vices.   This is a quality mare with a very grand future.    She is getting my personal private  time with consistent work  kindness, love and care.  She will get off the farm shortly for trail rides in hunt country.    Good things take time.  100% sound.  No known vices.  Living in/out and inside when weather is bad. 

​  call/text    631 767 4972.  

Very skinny when she arrived off track.  Now, looking better with some good groceries in her!




Drop Dead Gorgeous Prospect

​17+h 4y OTTB Mare