Are you ready for peace, relaxation, harmony in nature, destress, purge your junk, manifest, enlightenment, too much work on your mind?  Are you unhealthy and do you need a little deep tissue vibrational healing?  Do you know someone that is not well and might need a little help?  Or, would you like to get your close friends, work party together for some "let down time"  

I have amazing 100% made in Tibet - Tibetan Singing bowls and other vibrational healing instruments.  These bowsl were made from Tibet with time, Love  and Healing Energy.  I have been taught by Masters and am certified with my wonderful bowls!

 I am also a fitness coach and have my own amazing professional gym. I am a reikki Master, my hands heal the animals and my energy assists with all.   I can coach you with  holistic health, cooking (meal prep) habits, weight loss, fitness work -outs (private or small groups), horse therapy, riding instruction and of course... my vibrational sound therapy. 

I have studied herbalist / alchemy and am known for making organic healthy remedies without drugs or chemicals. I incorporate breath work and stretching and little walks with the instruments.  This is an extremely fulfilling peaceful method. 

For the unwell (private sessions)  I am not a doctor.  I have been practicing all above for my entire life as it came natural to me. I am private and will accommodate.  I will take donations for private sessions if you are sick.  No denomination.  It is up to you.  I am giving back and helping if I can.  If you cannot provide a donation, so be it.  I will not judge you.  Just call me.  Everything is private. (See requirements below).

If you want to "take a little trip"...I can get you there!  Safely.  Just bring yourself.  

I have a peaceful private paradise Sanctuary.  I can accommodate small to larger groups.  I have the space, the atmosphere and it will no doubt, transform you, lift you up and reset you!  Of courrse, these instruments might bring up some past trauma or memories, as it is all part of the process of healing.  I will go into this before starting.

We can work  indoors/outdoors.  I prefer to do all outside with nature and the horses, under the moon, stars and trees.  It's all here and I will be opening this up Spring, Summer, Fall.  I prefer the groups 3 days before, during and after the full moons on each month.  If it rains, I will reschedule .  All sessions must be paid in full before visit so we can get right to the paradise!  If you bring a person, last minute, I will need to know.  No one will be pushed away.

I can do privates with notice to plan accordingly.  In a private you will experience more than in a group setting (promise!)  I have been called to do this and now is my time to share and open up.  

I have a few requirements and will put below.   Feel free to call or text:  631 767 4972

on the farm, Vibrational Sound bath

Experience the bowls on your person and you will be launched into another time zone!.... literally.

Holistic Healing with Sound Frequencies

Ancient knowledge needed for modern times


Must wear cotton, no jewelry.  If you have any medical instruments or devices  in your body, metal, plates, heart assistance, etc. I will need to know this in advance.  This is very important.  If you have grounding shoes, or want bare feet, that's best.

You can bring a chair, (no metal), comfy matt or blanket, no poly!  I will explain all of this in the beginning at my introduction before the meditation.

Best to come on an empty stomach and to drink water before and bring a bottle.

I will provide... fruit and water for the end and each person will receive a special gift made by me.


Vibrational Sound Therapy.  dECLUTTER THAT NY MIND!

Call for an appointment for the most peaceful hour or so  of your life!‚Äč

If you want to "Take a Little Trip"  I can get you there! drugs just good energ!

We  will be working with all the elements:

Air, Earth, Fire and Water.   I will ask you to bring water from your environment , a friend or family member.  Someone  that needs healing that cannot make it.  We will put our intentions together as a group.  This is very powerful.  

I also work with essential oils (if you are allergic to any oils, I need to know before please).  See requirements in red below.

I will start with some guided breathing and a little bit of stretching,  a 5m calming meditation and get to work with the sound bath. 

If you need or want the bowls close to you or on you at any time, I can assist with this.    I will wind down with more breath work.

This is a powerful ancient force and I am so happy and grateful to share my sanctuary and energy with you all.  My horses welcome you too!  

‚ÄčThis most likely will be more than an hour, but you can leave at any time!  Most people never want to leave....

Proceeds go to feed my rescue horses and a local shetler.   I also ask that you bring a can or more to donate for the local homeless shelter, or for local families in need.

I may, at time, have special guests with gifts to share with you all and these are local people from the community.  This is for all good.

The more people, the more powerful!  Please share this page with your friends and family.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Vibrational Sound Therapy

You will be amazed!