Sedona  Spirit  Standing at 16.2 hands with a star and 4 white beautiful socks  is a true Bright Drop Dead Gorgeous Bay!  She will catch your eye with her very flashy looks, good movement and fantastic temperment.  This wonderful mare is willing, extremely obedient,patient and forgiving with her rider. 

This is a super nice SAFE SAFE SAFE calm quiet NO SPOOK mare.  Never took a step wrong and zero marish stuff.  You would think she was a gelding.  Great brain, Tons of training and awesome warmblood bone and feet.  The stamina she has is all the tb (in my opinion).  Super trot, great canter and steady eddy to the jumps. The change is there, but needs some fine tuning and some downward transitions to spruce them up a bit (currently focusing on this now).  I do not have her long, but am putting some finesse on her and getting her back in shape.  Coming faster than I thought.  Will be schooling in all three phases lightly and trail riding for fitness.

Two front shoes.  Size 3 feet.  Once she finishes shedding out.... she will look like a million dollar diamond. 

She is the full monty package.    Only to a good home.  More videos to come.  If you call to just ask how high does she jump, please do not call.  This is a diverse horse that I would like to find an all around home with a loving person to bond with.  She is that type of mare and is super kind.  Foxhunting home, lower level eventing home....or the woman / man that wants super safe, no bs and take her anywhere.  ....she hauls like a dream too!  No vices and a nice nice horse.  Make appt to see her . If you cannot make a purchase decision without the trainer, the trainer must accompany your visit.  No exceptions.  If you are under 18, have your parent call. 

‚Äč631 767 4972

All-Around Warmblood X Angel