My honesty gets these horses where they need to be and this is what I wish for my beautiful girl:  NOTE!  I am not a horse dealer and I am not looking to flip the horses I get in for training and sale.  I take my time, give them all they need and teach them more buttons and understand what they like and what will be best for them.  I share everything I know and teach with the client and am very transparent.  There is a horse for everyone and I wait for that right person.    If it does not work out, I will take the horse back!  

Sedona Spirit 16 1/4h Warmblood TB X Mare.  Bright bay  4 socks and a star.  Warmblood bome an TB heart & stamina.  The true flashy package.  Brains, Beauty and Heart.  Solid nice big warmblood sturdy feet and a willing steady eddie attitude.   This is a very quiet horse.  Excellent ground manners and ships like a pro.  NON MARISH with zero issues no maintenance or vices  and SOUND.  She loves grooming time (spa time\) and can fall asleep on xties!

Sedona can jump a course 2'6 - 3' please do not call and say can she do 3'6....  She has her flying changes.   She can do a dressage test, first level (after she is warmed up!), The downward transition would not be perfect,. but the stretchy trot, walk on the buckle and upward transition with self carriage will look and feel good,  little down hill on the canter,    Might  not be the best 1st level test, but with finesse, will be good! :)  

 She can go xc and do a novice - training level course.(once you bond).  She is not an upper level horse, but she is honest, extremely forgiving.  She has seen hounds, been on a hunter pace, ridden in hunt country and has a ton of trail riding on her.  She loves water, can lead, follow and can go out alone.  She has front shoes on and I would recommend full set all around if you have hard ground an not great footing just to keep her great fee nice as they are.  My footing is mint.  She will jump whatever you put in front of her.  If you yank on her mouth, she will let you know.  

You really never have to worry about lunging her or being scared or nervous with this horse, she is always the same way..... QUIET.  if you want an engine, just hold a stick  (that's all it takes).  If you want the whoa more than go, don't hold the stick!   If you are not keen on carrying a stick, put on a baby spur:  Note:  I never ever needed or used a spur on her. She knows word commands and all you have to do is think it or whisper.  If you like to lunge for muscle and stretching (not galloping around!), she is super obedient and wonderful on the lunge with voice command and a soothing talk to her.

 Nothing really rattles this mare, except if you have very heavy hands and yank on her mouth.  I use a leather snaffle (most of my horses go in this).  This is the perfect all around horse.  She moves like a hunter.  She has a mellow way about her but she also can have an engine  (stick abovel).

Here's what I want for this girl:

Must have turnout (not 3 hours a day).  If you are a show barn and do not have quality long time turnout, please do not call.  I am a firm believer of horses being turned out, not standing in a box all day.  If you are not the one caring and doting on your horse and are paying someone to tack it up, she is not for you.  If you are adding her to a string of your horses, and will not be truly bonding with her, she is not for you.  If you are ONLY A RING RIDER, she is not for you.

A middle aged woman, or mother daughter owner (riding family) that will do a little bit of everything would love this horse.  She is safe.  If you only ride 3x's a week, she is perfect for you  If you want to ride her every day....still all good.  She is safe and if I could pick apart something about her, it would be that her downward transition from the canter to the trot is a bit strong, but we are working on all this.  I would say she might not be for a timid rider, only because you need to put your leg on her if she tries to break in the canter, no other reason than that..  When she is warmed up, her trot is a warmblood to die for forward #10 trot.  She's built like a brick house so can carry a larger type with a long leg.  She looks and feels bigger than she actually is.

No spook in this girl and if she was to spook it would be justifiable and she would scoot a few steps forward and that is it, no bs crap!  Her mind is always on you and what you want her to do.  She is extremely forgiving and you can land on her neck and she will not care.  

Good luck finding a solid champ like this one that is what I say above.  You can't put a price on safetyBuy the horse, eat the cake, live your iife!  If there is anything this pandemic has taught me.... enjoy every moment.  People work so hard their lives and try to stock away money to retire or do something nice and wammo, something happens and it was all for nothing.  So, get what makes YOU happy and just DO IT!

iF YOUR TRAINER IS INVOLVED IN MAKING THIS PURCHASE THEY MUST CALL AND ACCOMPANY YOUR VISIT.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If your trainer can't hop up on her and ride her, you have the wrong trainer! 

631 767 4972  TEXT/CALL  There are more videos, just can't overload my website.  PRICED IN THE LOW 5 FIGURES at this time.  If you are texting, please put in your full name and I will respond promptly.  We are located on Eastern Long Island, NY  Closest airport is ISP Long Island MacArthur Airport, or Gabreski Airport, Westhampton Beach (Pvt Strip)  JFK is less than an hour away and La Guardia is 1.5 hrs (horrible airport, would not suggest LGA)  


NOTE:  PP EXAMS ARE WELCOME UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE HORSE.  They are not meant to be forensic testing, just sound for the job...I've been doing this 30 yrs and I honestly cringe when the vet comes because they have no idea about the riding and the work the horse can do.


So often PP exams ruin something good for someone.  If I was to get a PP exam, I would lite up like a xmas tree and def fail a flexion test but,  I get the job done, I'm fit and I'm healthy..... !  Just sayin.  This goes for all the horses, not the one above!



All-Around Warmblood X Angel