JUNE 2017






Two Years Ago

 I spent a few days on Long Island with my long time friend Gina Arcate. We grew up togther in Pennsylvania.  When we were little kids, we rode horses all over the place!  We swam them in the Lakes and rode them through the woods  and galloped over the fields. We rode bareback most of the time and those are some of my fondest memories!  haven't been on a horse in many years...I was so lucky to be able to ride again! I rode a big Grey horse named    " Royal Sport ". He is a 5 year old, 17.1 Fresian Cross. Sport Horsee  I would describe this horse as a big boy with Perfect manners... He stands quietly in the cross ties, he loads and unloads with ease.Walk,Trot, Canter, always smooth and comfortable. If I was in a position to own a horse, I would buy him in a heartbeat! He is a lucky find!
Merrily B.  Newport, RI





                    17.1h 5y Gelding :  Big Grey Friesian Cross Sport Horse

  Turning Heads and turning GREY!


introduction to ROYAL SPORT                               SAFE             SAFE            SAFE         SAFE            SAFE              

Sport is a 6y 17.1h Friesian Sport Horse.  Sport is a Cross with Percheron/Arabian.   He is an all around Friesian Sport Horse built like a brick house with strong big feet and a solid short coupled back.  I have owned him since he was weaned and brought him along.  He is a big boy and can hold up a large man or woman and will take up your leg.  He is ready for his person to bring in a show world career or foxhunting life.  Sport is a point and shoot.  Loves jumping and never refuses!  He can even be your back yard hack around boy, go to clinics, xc in a field if you want to horse.  He is a well started diverse all-around obedient horse.   Sport is extremely forgiving and tolerant of any mistakes and you can land on his neck and he will not care!  This Friesian Sport Horse has a kind temper and he loving and in your face personality and I swear he thinks he is a human.  He will always try to get your attention and he loves people and animals.  He will shine wherever you bring him.  He has no vices and is sound.  He will hop up into the trailer willingly and be a gentleman wherever you take him.   Sport is being ridden until he is sold.  He is riding in Hunt Country for fitness and will Hunt when I have time to hunt him.  He's been on 2 hunts this season. He is fine with the hounds, whip, horn and in any part of the field.  He has been on lots of trail rides in Hunt Country and with all different people riding him.  They love him!  Sport has been packing around people that haven't ridden and lost their legs/seat with no issues off property.

Don’t let his breed or size fool you, he is extremely athletic and full of scope. With time, Sport surely has potential for at least preliminary eventing or the 3’6 show ring. Sport was introduced to eventing March 2016 and has placed in the top 3 after dressage and jumped clean every time out.  He is the perfect 2016 Young Event Horse candidate! There is enough footage, pics and text on this page to make your head spin.  Just think how much time and training went into this horse, so please do not ask for a video!  You would not believe how many people email me this?  For real? If you have a question, email or call.

True to say this was the only Friesian Sport Horse that participated and completed at his successful  2 USEA events at Full Gallop Farm, starter trials and jumper shows. He took 3rd place in BN and competed against a large class. He has moved up to Novice as clearly the jumps are too small for this boy.  
A worthy dressage score, a double clean stadium jumping round and honest on cross country.  His most recent addition to the start of his resume were completing and placing 5th at Fairhill International Fairgrounds, Elkton, MD.  With recognizable professional riders and good young contenders, Sport fit right in and was surely noticeable.  The judges loved him.  With a score of 8 in the gaits for  the dressage phase/ with horrible footing and dangerous downpour he was a champ!  God bless him.  

JUMPER:Has jumped clean at Full Gallop Farm, Progressive Show Jumpers in Aiken and Swan Lake in Pa. and done some local schooling class this 2017 Summer just for fine tuning.  This boy loves jumping and is POINT AND SHOOT!  He'll take care of you and finds the right distance.

THE HUNT:  For those of you reading this, you will see all over my website I am about the Hunt.  I have been living, breathing and riding with the Hunt for a long time.  I always bring out young green horses to the hunt that I have either started or am restarting off the track or bringing along for someone else.  This is my specialty.  I am at home flying through the trees jumping obstacles and being at one with them and they know it, they feel it and it gives them the confidence they need to help the next chapter in their lives after my little boot camp.  

I am the recently Ex-Master, 1st Whipper-in, Huntsman back up and if this isn't enough credibility, I welcome you to  find another trainer for a hunt horse.  I am proud to say that if you needed a hunt horse or a well trained obedient willing partner, look no further, I am the Master at making trained horses.  Truly, I cannot count the number of  horses I have made and trained.  So, reading the following about Sport should comfort you.  If you were to decide to not show one day and Hunt the next with this boy, have no fear as it's been started with him.   He is not a made Hunt horse, however, the Foundation is  there and doing what I do, this one is a piece of cake to take out and not worry about a thing!    This Friesian Sport Horse has  been ridden in Hunt Country since he's been saddled.  He has seen the hounds up front at his home exercising them on his property.  He has played with the pups, so the hounds are part of his home and are not a shock to him.  The xc training was done off property, mostly and he has been brought along in diverse terrain which has enabled him to prosper when being introduced to the Lower Level Eventing.  He was fine with the hunt and the hounds and there were no issues. as this was done professionally and structured.   He likes popping over logs and cantering in the trees as this is home to this boy.   Sport is good with the hounds and at the checks.  Sport watches everything intently.  He would make a wonderful Master's Horse, Guest Horse and a Superb Master's Horse for any Hunt

Trainers must call for client.  Please get your trainer involve.  He is sound and will pass a pre-purchase exam. 

If you are interested, please contact me:  631 767 4972  texting is fine.