2019  17h Bay OTTB Question my Sanity KY

Bodemeister - Southern Solstice by Southern Halo 

17h tURNING 5y OTTB Gelding   ...  thank you for the year 2023 star  your training is good now and it's time for your new person! XOXO

THIS VERY TALL GLASS OF WATER IS A "FRIENDLY ALERT"!    Haha, after seeing his name, I do question my Sanity because I keep getting the OTTB's!  Because I love them.  

I honestly can say that in all the years and horses that come and go.... this one is the friendliest kindest beauty I ever encountered.  Young, clueless, but extremely impressionable and a wonderful project indeed.  I love molding these guys.... he is a clean slate and he is getting a foundation here at Bay Breeze Farm.  The pics show progress of his transformation which takes......time.  I will never rush any horse.  I am NOT A DEALER!  I take my sweet time because that's what I do.  The horses show me where they will shine and I focus on that and will NOT force them to do things they are not happy with.   With this being said, they shine where I shine because they give you their hearts.  This boy LOVES riding off the farm in hunt country.  I think XC is his thing.... SUPER SUPER BRAIN.  No spook in this boy.    He can lead, follow and point and shoot, but you will need confidence to bring him along in this capacity as he's TURNING 5 (2024), had a few growth spurts and came off the track in December 2022.   

What a year.    

My most important mission is to teach them to be a respectufl mount.  Manners, standing, grooming.  Get the vet in, chiro, teeth, supplements, whatever they need.  They get more than I give myself!  Then.... get them fit, get them to balance themselves and make them strong, put on some weight with a topline and muscles  This is where I SHINE and when you see him, you will see him shinging too!    Teaching to properly carry himself off the track takes time, no doubt.  No rushing, just time, slowness and bonding.  The trust brings it all together.

Star is extremely intelligent.  He remembers everything and I honestly can say  this is a diamond.    ​This is one of the nicest tb's in brain, body and soul to ever come to my farm.  This boy loves his spa time on the cross ties.  He is truly a big puppy..  Once he is warmed up after a good canter, his trot is stretchy floaty and devine.  His canter is amazing and he truly carries himself in a perfect frame.  He listens to voice commands and is always ready to please.    Fantastic traveler, and game to go wherever!  If you are a calm person, he will be calm.  If you are a revved up person, he will get revved up.      

Star has some nice leg yields now, with a good dressage type warmup  He's getting some good shoulder in movements as well.  I will work on this until he leaves.   I have a video with it.  Lots of circles, upward downward transitions and a good "entertaining his mind and body warmup", not to mention a suppling one for both of us.    With lots of transitions this boy now has a flying change.  Must be set up nicely for it and not rushing.  Slow, in the middle of the ring, not forcing him in the corner and rushing.... I will share :)  His lunging requires a technique (not for blasting around!), for his mind and a body warmup,  I will share.  I would also be happy to give a lesson on him so the process is smooth and it will work out well.    I am an educated trainer with classical dressage as my foundation and all these horses get my knowledge and its what makes them score higher in the dressage phase.  I have 20 years of dressage lessons,   omg.....  20 years of circles ladies!  Haha, just kidding but true.   I have put thousands of hours into the horses and one solid year and a month into Star.  Its a gift to get one of my horses and I am able to proudly toot this horn to say it.  He is priced extremely fair and reasonable.  His skills will reach the moon if you want to go there.  

He can jump, no doubt.  Theres that holy crap button in him, BUT... I do not push it.  You can.  Its there and Ive exposed him.  I keep them sound and I never ever pound or push or rush.  I know when to stop and I always reward.  This guy gets a gold star with all phases of English riding.   My yearly youtube above shows lots of clips of our work.  I suggest you check it out.   You also see my website is loaded with 30 years of hunting, so you know that is where the training will be priceless.  In the woods, accross the fields, over the walls to Grandmas house we go!...  All of the horses get in hunt country and that's where my true schooling happens.  They GROW UP!   They know the trees do not move and we need to move around them!

My horses love the woods, because I do.  They are fearless in them, because I am.  They are a reflection of my years and years of fearlessness and skill.  If you are still reading... Thank God, because I'm now tired of typing.

I'm sure I  missed some good things, but feel free to ask.  PPE welcome.  He's sound and I have yesterdays videos and work to prove it.  Oh, he has good feet too.  Front shoes on now.  Up to date on everything.    Last thing to say.... HIS BRAIN IS PRICELESS.  HE IS DESENSITIZED UP THE YING YANG.

With that all above, I depart and wish everyone reading this  safe riding  

A written bio will come with him for the buyer thats lucky enough to get him.  I have schooled him and gave him his buttons and I am happy and eager to share them with his person.

Are you it?  The beautiful thing about his person is... it can be any person because he is a diverse flexible dude.  Now, I really do cater to the middle aged people, because I know what they want and need and I make a safe horse.  If you are just a trail rider,  NO PROBLEM because he loves it!  You can lead the group too!  If you want to go to a show, then get him out there.  If you want to stay home and lotty dah and bring him up the levels in whatever you desire....GO FOR IT!  

i love what I do and I love this horse.  

If you do not know or understand how to handle, teach and ride an ottb, please do not inquire.  Sure it looks easy..... but it requires that person that understands them.

631 767 4972  

PS  I have over 2000 you tube videos, most of them are with the ottbs I've trained from the track.  I love them.  If you need assistance, please share my info with someone that might need help.  My horses are scattered nationwide and most of them are dong upper level jobs due to my foundation.  I make the foundation, you do the rest!