2019  17h Bay OTTB Question my Sanity KY

Bodemeister - Southern Solstice by Southern Halo 

THIS VERY TALL GLASS OF WATER IS A "FRIENDLY ALERT"!    Haha, after seeing his name, I do question my Sanity because I keep getting the OTTB's!  Because I love them.  

OMG is a phrase for this boy.    1st Post track ride here and he needs a bit of time to get unstuck but ..... I can see his future and his vision is

G R A N D!

I honestly can say that in all the years and horses that come and go.... this one is the friendliest kindest beauty I ever encountered.  Young, clueless, but extremely impressionable and a wonderful project indeed.  I love molding these guys.... he is a clean slate and he is getting a foundation here at Bay Breeze Farm.  He has his flying changes, but needs to get them unstuck behind on one side.  The lunging will help this and we will be on a steady program when Mother Nature allows and the daylight comes back as well as the good footing.

Teaching to properly carry himself off the track takes time, no doubt.  No rushing, just time, slowness and bonding.  The trust brings it all together and I am so looking forward to each day working with this very special B E A U T Y!    I see a Hunter or a big Eq horse in there somewhere...... He does not have the bone I like to foxhunt!

If you do not know or understand how to handle, teach and ride an ottb, please do not inquire about this horse. 

call/text  No time wasters he is a worthy one to bring up.   631 767 4972