An All-Around Solid Citizen



A Foxhunter Plus

that Does It All

TRIGGER:  11Y Sweet as Pie 16h Palomino QH Gelding.  No vices.  New Vetting and Easy Keeper with xrays of feet.  He has GREAT FEET! 

NOT JUST A HUNT HORSE!  The horses let me know where they would shine best.  So, my assessment of this horse is that a middle aged woman needs him and he needs her!  Yes, a  woman, because he wants the love and he wants the light handed rider and I feel a woman is what this good boy needs and wants.  Here's the big thing too....

He loves dressage work.  Yes, this is my warm up with him and once we get a good warm up of some awesome trotting and bending lines, this guy has some stuff to strut!  He is awesome and I feel if there is that lady that wants to play around with some leg yields and shoulder ins.... he's your boy.   His canter departures from a walk are almost 100% and the long stretchy walk is a slam dunk for the score of a 9!  No kidding.  I'm having a party with Trigger and really really love him.   IAwesome transitions and forward off your leg with a good whoa too! .  He has a good rein back, even some good old western spins in him! (Due to his former Western training before hunting).  I'm putting movements on this boy each time I ride him and he is a JOY!  If you want to hack down the road and go on a trail ride, he's your boy.  If you want to go on a hunt... well then, he really is your boy.   He has a good brain and not much phases him.

My loss, your gain and it will be a real gain, trust me.  He was the hidden gem and now he is shining here at Bay Breeze Farm and he is saying!  Watch me Now! His canter departures are almost 100%....  I am having a wonderful time with this gentleman of a horse.  I wish I could just have him.  No antics, no bologne, just a willing boy eager to please and a real trooper.


Made Made Made...Hunt horse.  Will do any job in the hunt.   This boy has had 3 solid seasons of hunting and some time off only due to the owner's health issues.  This is why he is for sale.  Owner is not riding or hunting currently and there is no other reason this horse is for sale other than that.    A real angel, been there done it and wants a good  forever home!  

So happy to have him with me and am enjoying every moment I ride him.  I honestly do not want him to leave..... and why is he still here already?  He's priced to sell.   10k   If you cannot pay 10k, please do not text or call.  There is not a darn thing wrong with this horse.  He's here on consignment.

TXT:/CALL 631 767 4972 or email