Hounds can jump literally on top of us and he's fine with this.  Kenny is an awesome foxhunter and was only used on a staff position Kenny is a great shipper too and stands tied to the trailer with no issues.  Hunted almost the whole season, cut due to the brutal Winter weather. Kenny at least 40 hunts on him and all in staff positions. Whipping in and Laying the drag. He knows his job and respects your commands.  When laying the drag, keep in mind we are all alone and picking our place and running the hunt.  It takes a special horse to oblige to all the different encounters out there on the hunt and then having the hunts run to you instead of you running to them.  This is what makes a good confident horse for any situation.  He is a pleasure to point to a log or a wall.  He takes it with ease and he's surefooted. He is not one to be excited before a jump or after it.  He is consistent and extremely tolerant and forgiving.  All this work done in a snaffle. Kenny is a dream in the woods, yielding just right in and out of the trees.  We can come along herds of deer and run with them as long as we can last with them and it's heaven!  

Due to all his FINENESS (is that even a word?), I am reluctant to sell him.  Never in all my years of training horses have I kept one. I have decided to lease him out for the Summers during off hunt season and hunt him in the Fall / Winter.  However, if the perfect perfect person and home were to come along for Kenny's benefit, me putting my selfishness aside (with a broken heart), I would consider selling Kenny.  Here are the terms:   Must be a caring loving horse person with patience and that knows Thoroughbreds and loves the breed.  Must have green grass for grazing and a nice shelter / stall for him to lay down when needed.  Must have good riding skills and hopefully a dressage background and some xc experience and a plan to keep riding him in diverse situations and not just in the ring as he is NOT just a ring horse.  This is a VERY FINE KENTUCKY TB! He has been superbly molded and diversely trained and ready for his new person.   Riders will be screened and references will be checked.

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Kenny & Gina Setting the Hunter Pace Time Alone



Kenny and I consistently work on bending, stretching and yielding.  He is a supple elastic horse once warmed up.  He has a beautiful sit trot and an extremely rhythmic and very comfortable canter.  If you have a back issue, he might make you feel at ease. 

We work with relaxation and bending and  lots of dressage work, upward & downward transitions, shoulder in, leg yields, etc. Schooled gymnastics, jumping, xc & stadium. 

If Kenny is being ridden a few days a week, you do not have to lunge before you get on him, however, if he's not being used regularly, I would lunge for his sake.  I am a firm believer in lunging to warm up a horses muscles before just riding them and it's a good horseman that does this, unless you are giving them a real long walk before work begins. I always start my workouts with a long walk. 

I have given lessons to beginner riders with Kenny and also advanced riders. He is a diversified horse and blends in well to the skill of his rider. He has a funny personality. He is fantastic and very safe working on the ground and tacking up and has no issues. He works great on voice command on the lunge and under saddle. Just a whisper and he does what you want.  Just a thought and he hears it.  When you need the juice, he has it.  He can be lazy in the ring feeling out the rider, but he is a forward horse.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Having some Fun


This is a superb classic Thoroughbred. Kenny is a 9y 16.2h nicely built Thoroughbred Gelding bred in Kentucky and bought from Kentucky.  I love TB's.  They are the ultimate Sport Horse!   Kenny has a good mind and a great personality.  He is not a spook.  Harley Davidsons can roll by us rumbling the Earth and this boy's attention stays on me! My son and his friends zip around on their dirt bikes and ATV's, riding lawn mower, chain saws, weed-wackers going . . . nothing matters.  If you don't care, he won't!  Nothing seems to rattle him.  He has a funny personality. He is fantastic and very safe working on the ground and tacking up.  He has no issues.