15.2H 7qh APPENDIX

GRANDMA....Write the check, this one is an investment for your family!

Jack is a very special horse.  Just shy of 15.2  turning 7 gelding.   This is a true SAINT.  Quiet, quiet, quiiet! He is the most kindest obedient respectful willing horse I have ever met.  This one is a true gem.  I don't know how I can sell a horse like this and this is what makes my job so bittersweet... parting with them.  There is nothing this horse will not do for you.

Jack has more whoa than go.  Started western and converted to English and rides both ways (BONUS!)  He is super sensitive to your movements, but in a good way.  Will never ever run away with yoru or do anything silly or stupid or startling.  He listens to you and waits for you to tell him what to do.  

I really love this horse and so does his buddy.  He turns out well with others and is truly like a puppy dog that follows you around and just wants a rub and to be close to you.  He will be perfect for grooming and tacking and will stand tied all day long if you wanted him too.

He likes his work, he likes trail rides, schooling, learning and seeing new things.  He would be the perfect traveling companion.  Trail rides, hunter paces, clinics, off farm lessons, just hacking around and foxhunting.  

Schooling 1st level dressage and low logs with gymnastics.  Please do not ask me how high does he jump! He is not an upper level eventer prospect, nor a jumper.  His mind is too pleasant and quiet and I feel this boy will be the ultimate as described above.  All around and for a family or older woman.  I cater to the middle aged as I know what they want and do not want.... Jack is it!

This is a true all around family horse.  You are buying a GEM with a BRAIN and a HEART.

For those of you that see my posts and know who I am what I make (countless horses all accross the nation), please know this one will not last, so inquire away and get yourself here to see him.


The Everything Horse for the Entire Family