Welcome to my Organic pages.

I have been making my own concoctions since I was a kid.  I took some alchemy and herbolology courses in the 90's and have helped quite a few people with my homemade remedies, from:

dry skin, constipation, deodorant, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, animal shine/repelent, mosquitoes/ tick pests repellents, natural home cleaning remedies, plant and garden protection, moisturizers and some healing remedies*

I'm all about saving the environment and keeping things natural and organic without harmful chemicals.

If you would like to sample my products, please feel free to text/call me.

I will be happy to put together a package for you.  The sample packages are inexpensive and I can put a small box together for you to test.  Trust me.... you will love it.  

All ingredients are labeled on the packages and have been handled and created with cleanliness,  love and care.

*See Tibetan Singing Bowls for Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy above on the orange task bar under BBF Organics.

Bay Breeze Farm Organics