This is a horse for the educated buyer!

15.2h Warmblood / TB Cross. 5y Mare Pure Black with 2 nice white tall Hind socks and an awesome blaze and awesome good size barefeet! 

Perfect Mother daughter horse. This girl is as fancy as they get and is in a full training program (until Winter/weather pending, no indoor).  Prospect for all 3 phases and would excel with a young aspiring rider to bring her horse up the levels with a good trainer to get her there. Also, suitable for the dressage woman that has the skills to finish her their way, that enjoys taking their time noting a very worthy prospect for possibly upper level.

Grace likes jumping (only doing low jumps for fitness and flexibility and cross training). She has the basics in dressage and will continue her work while in training.  Her leg yielding is coming along and we have a few good steps of a shoulder in!  Her bending is coming along nicely and I have the trees to thank for that!  No nasty stuff with this horse, she may need a little spur here and there, but with some quick up and down transitions, she gets off your leg and you can use voice commands.  She lunges nicely with voice for a stretch before work and looks and feels good in a dressage saddle and a hunt saddle.  Once she is warmed up, you will have her nicely on the bit and a wonderful smooth sailing ride.  Her stretchy walk and trot are perfect for a test.  Her canter departures need time and finesse and that comes along with her training and her age.  Her half halt is there and her halt is on point and  amazing as well as her downward transitions which are exceptional.  We definitely need work on the canter departure, but good things take time.  Skies the limit with this flashy very special mare..... 

Zero vices, zero marish things and she is sensible. With a nice warmup, you will get an amazing trot, stretchy trot, walk, superb halt and she will jump whatever you put in front of her. She loves her gymnastics,  going on trail rides.   Grace is  training, so please do not inquire if you want to see a course or a test. Plenty of videos on her page.  An educated rider will see the potential this mare has.  She is young and not ruined and is getting the best foundation ever!

This is the diamond you need to finish. I see this girl at a top eventing barn or in a serious dressage program with someone that likes to hack before and after the ride.  I have no indoor for Winter, so we will be riding a lot in hunt country while the footing is good, so weather training is a factor.

My descriptions are honest and accurate and I try to grab the right person for the right horse. with the truth above.  I take my time and care about the horse and their future.  I also am not in any rush to sell any horse..... it has to fit !

If you are under 18, please have parents or trainers call and if trainer is in charge of the buying process, they must call and accompany their client during visit. Very Sound!  Serious Inqs mid 5 figures.

631 767 4972

Shipping Notes:  I can assist for shipping arrangements. 

Pre Purchase exams welcome as long as you are not looking to find something wrong because she is SOUND and there are zero issues or past injuries with this horse.