8y 16h Grey Gelding OTTB:  A very special gelding who worked hard for his owner and trainer at the track.  An unflappable dude!

Now, we have some fun.  

Ghost has settled in nicely and right from the start, chiro, clipping, floating... you know the deal.  A very quiet horse that basically says, no big deal whatever you want to do, I'm game.  

Ghost has been foxhunting since Thanksgiving.  His canter is like butter and you can sit to it all day long.  He loads like the pro he is and is really game for anything.  He has good form over jumps.    He is not sour and does not mind going off alone.  This is a confident horse in his mind.  This will be an awesome Hunter show horse or an eventer.   

Ghost has solid thick clean tight legs, flexes great, was chiropractic adjusted and when the vet that scrutinizes all horses says: "this is a good horse and I cannot find a thing wrong with him"...   well let's just say, that is a Happy Day!

My descriptions are honest and accurate.   More to follow when weather permits.

This one is a quiet gorgeous gem!

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