17.1h 4y TB Mare.  This big super nice mare is getting her let down time at Bay Breeze Farm.  She will be a super prospect for The Big Eq, Eventing or the Hunter ring and even a hunt horse, but really needs to be in shining her beauty in the ring, somewhere!  3 weeks of rest, some good lunging, desensitizing and bonding.  First ride off track 3 weeks later and O M G!  Nice, Nice, Nice horse.  She needs groceries.... takes time.   No issues, No vices and a super nice big tall leggy girl.  Moves like a hunter.  A good swinging walk, nice movement in the shoulders in the trot and relaxes on her own with her own nice stretch, which quite honestly doesn't come this easily!  Happily surprised by this girl.  No spooking, rearing, bucking, bolting.... NONE! 

A M A Z I N G.  Thank you to Heather Spagnoli for getting on her.  

Poor thing, never won a race..!  Awe, happy for that as if she won, she would not be with me!  This is the real BIG RED!   Working on some things, but that's what you get with ottb's.  If you never owned an ottb, please do not call me.  If you think she is ready for flying changes, jumping the moon and all that, please do not call me!  :)  This is a quality mare with a very grand future.  

I will be showing my progress of her from the track to my farm and all that we do.   I love the tb's.  

 Baybreezeestate@aol.com text 631 767 4972.  

More to follow....  



Drop Dead Gorgeous Prospect