Photo by Julie O'Daly

Bay Breeze Farm Hunt & OTTB Sport Horses

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Tucker : Foaled 2006, 16.2h Gelding.  Tucker is a true WAR HORSE!  

This beautiful boy is the Ultimate Sport Horse.  He is quite tall and has real show presence!  He is a very good looking Classic Thoroughbred.  Tucker is  put together well and has great movement.   He is absolutely beautiful in every way.   Tucker is a great brained big nice athletic Thoroughbred Sport Horse.  Tucker is a made hunt horse in every way.  He is a staff horse and can also go in the field.  He has been ridden as a back up huntsman's horse, and primarily as 1st whipper in.  He has laid the drag on several occasions when needed and is an all around trooper.  He has lead the First flight on many occasions and loves it.  This OTTB Sport Horse is "all business".  Hand him a mint and he's your boy! 

Tucker has been giving lessons all Summer and preparing and schooling for Eventing.  He jumps well and has his changes and really can do anything your hearts desire.  He carries himself absolutely brilliantly in the ring and for the lady who only wants to flat and work on her dressage skills, he's flexible for this too.    I cannot say a negative thing about this horse.   He is a super comfortable horse with rhythmic gaits and the greatest stretchy trot around!  A dream to school in the ring and take out of the ring xc, hack around, up the road, to a clinic, you name it.  Nothing will phase him and he is everything I am stating, plus more.

I  am offering this super OTTB Sport Horse for lease as soon as the hunt season ends.  This is my personal horse and I would rather keep him, so during Spring & Summer, I will be offering him to lease to the proper candidate.  This would be someone that is a well schooled in dressage or a quiet hunter type rider.  Tucker has been working quite hard this season hunting and it's time to get back to collection and slowness.    If you cannot afford your own horse or are a student looking to ride your own for the Spring Summer, please call me.  I am happy to discuss him with you.  He is a super special horse and I cherish every moment I'm riding him and I thank God for bringing to me.  If you want to 1/2 lease on my farm with lessons, this is workable.

This is my private horse and I would consider a lease, preferably on the farm to keep him in good work and would also give lessons and coach if needed as a bonus to keep him with me. 

He has had a considerable race history.  This big OTTB Sport Horse is a true WAR HORSE, therefore, might have some things pop up on xrays (they do!, not lying!:), but so would I if someone was scanning me and I still get the job done!   This boy has never taken 1 lame step since I have him and he is the strongest, sturdiest thoroughbred I have had the gifted experience to bring along.  After more than considerable amount of hunting time on this boy....he has passed every test on the planet, in my opinion in mind, athleticism & soundness.

 Will lease only to a schooled dressage /hunter rider.  He has done enough racing around in the Hunt field and I would desire a more calmer Summer for him..  Off premise may be considered during off-hunt season. 631 767 4972.

The Thoroughbred is the Ultimate Sport Horse