You can help save an ottb life

attribute to their future to prosper

donate now and gain 5%!

Sponsor an OTTB by feeding it and you will gain 5% of your money back guaranteed!  See Below

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No Risk/Guarantee Gain:   Horse Sponsorship

This is a no risk guaranteed 5% gain on your investment.  I will guarantee 5% of your investment if you invest in me, the horse and my training.

Sponsor any or all Horses for 1 year.  Total invested funds go to feeding 1 or more horses for 1 year.

I am either saving an ottb race horse, or working with a horse that no one wants or could handle due to poor human handling or training.  I shine at what I do and the horses are prepared and trained for the job they love and all find the right homes and buyers.  I have a proven track record and my plan works.

Please inquire about this investment for more information and email or call 631 767 4972