Bay Breeze Farm

Fox Hunting & Sport Horses

Training your horse
I do a little bit of everything and can do the same with your horse. If you want something specific, we will discuss your needs. My website & photo galleries are up to date. I can train your horse on my site per 30 day increments. You will be satisfied with the end result.  We need to discuss this at length, so em me or call me for pricing and a program. Good things take time. I won't rush. If the horse can't do it at that moment, we take our time and get it done when he's supple and able to handle the job. I will not pound any horse for anyone.  It is important your horse comes to me SOUND so it's ready to start a work program.   It is important the horse is somewhat fit, or you will be spending more money as I get it fit.

Selling your horse
If you found me, you have found the right person to sell your horse. Because your horse is not for you, doesn't mean he's not for somebody else! Leave your horse with me for Consignment Board. I have a program, I stick to it and I market your horse accordingly. I will get your horse sold to the right person for the right price. I'm very good at what I do. I have a vision, I make a plan and get it done. My website is up to date and shows you what I'm doing and what I have done. I do everything on my own. My contacts, resources 20 years + of branding and advertising will help sell your horse. Once the 30 day evaluation comes, I write a true description of your horse and I will know the horses right job, true market value and will work hard for you to find the new owner. Trainers abroad seek my help in selling horses for them. I will not sell anyone's horse unless it's with me for 30 days. 

My marketing skills are like no other.  I have over 600 youtube videos of  "my horses".  I use the most high tech advanced tools and I keep up with the times, social media, video equipment, top brand camera equipment, out sourcing other websites, including my own which is high up in the rankings for what I do.  It takes countless hours and hours videoing, editing, writing and uploading these sales tools to sell a horse. I'm hip with it, I love it and I know what you want to see and I get the job done.  All this is included in the Consignment Board.  My fees are reasonably and your horse will sell as long as it passes a full pre purchase exam. 

Leasing you a horse
Sometimes, I have few selected horses available for lease. My horses are not school horses. They are forward respectful Sport horses. This is not a boarding facility and they are not half dead old broken down horses. You will get to sit on the real thing and I encourage lessons on horses that I've trained and know very well. If you cannot take lessons from me on my horses, I will not lease you a horse.  I made these horses and know the way they go best.  If you have seen a horse on my site that you may be interested in not hesitate and write the email asap!

I do not send out any horses on any trials. Please do not ask. You are welcome to keep on coming by and riding the horse in all situations to guarantee a fit. If you purchase a horse from me and decide this horse is not right for you, I will take it back.  My policy and terms will be discussed in detail, so please ask. I have yet to receive a horse back, so I'm doing something right! However, the option is available.  I want the horse back to make sure it goes to the right place and this is so very important to me.  The horse is the most important to me.  I care about their feelings and well being.   

Buyers with Trainers
If you have seen a horse that you want to ride or view, please have your trainer view the videos first and have them call me.  It is 9 x's out of 10 that the trainer kills the deal and we are all busy and I do not want time wasters.  If your trainer agrees this is could be a good fit, then after I speak to the trainer, I will set up the appointment to show you the horse.

For Trainers
I cater to the trainers for help.  I can do what they can't as I have the place and do not have to worry about students and time restraints.  I can take the horses they do not want or have the time to deal with and I can fine tune them up or help sell them with a commission.


My Place

There is no "we" here at Bay Breeze Farm, it's just me.  My operation is small, efficient, structured and it works.  If I have a space for you and you need my assistance, I urge you to not wait.  I am a small operation.  I can only handle a few horses at a time so I can give them the one on one time they need with me.   I have a very few very good riders that I ask to help out so I can get some good footage on my site and that's the most of the "we" part.  I am hands on with the horses and this is so important to me.  There is no groom or warm up's me.  I am not on the clock and I take my time.  It's my place and I can do this.  I have set up my place to train horses to go onto Eventing, therefore, they are trained in all three phases of English riding.  I train this way so all horses can do all things and not just ride in the ring!  The Eventing started from the Fox Hunt! 

No clocks, no people, just me and the horse and we get to work.  I do not share my place with anyone, nor do I board.  I have created the perfect training atmosphere for any horse to thrive in any English discipline.  All horses have their own private in/out turnout with shavings, a place to run around and lots of hay and water at all times. With some cross country logs, stadium jumps and a rubber sand ring, 10,000 acres of trails down the road and Hunt Country surrounding me....Thank you God!  I love my place, so do the horses and we are all in Heaven. 

Bay Breeze Farm is located in horse country, farm country, pine barrens country, trails, hunts, shows, etc. all within 5-15 mins from my place! Yeeehaa . . . tallyho and blue ribbons await. It's small, private and it has everything I need to make a true sport horse available to me.  A top notch quality riding ring with the ultimate all weather footing.  Stadium jumps, xc natural jumps, trees, miles and miles of trails and other bonuses within walking distance. I live with my horses. I call them in the am and they call me back. They all wait for me to ride them and they all love what we do together. I know all of my horses inside and out and each one is different in their own special way.   I convey all this to the new owner.
My training is unique, versatile and stimulating to the horses mind & body.  

Lessons:  I welcome trailer-in lessons to intermediate and advanced riders.  If you lack the seat for the dressage, the confidence for the xc, let me help you.  I will take my time and you will leave feeling confident.  I do not watch my clock and you will really be riding. 

My Hunt Experience

I have been hunting for many years on Staff positions for Smithtown Hunt.  I am the MFH, First Whipper-in and Back Up Huntswoman.  I have laid the drag for quite a few years too.  Hunting is in my blood.  Since I was a little girl, I rode in the Mountains in Pa running with the deer and running from the bears.  As a grown woman, I am still doing what I love.  I make a Good all around Hunt & Sport Horse with positive reinforcement and a fearless forward attitude.  My passion is foxhunting.   I have been working with the hounds for over 22 years and have trained whips, foxes and kennelman.  I have created, designed and set many times for Hunter Paces with my horses.  I have won the Series Championship Cup for the Hunter Paces in the Past with a few of my hunt horses.   My horses are made by me to hunt and this takes a special technique and my system works.  My horses are not "prospects" for hunting...they do it!  I am so tired of reading all these horses for sale on the web that state "fox hunt horse" and they never did it.  Like I say, proof is in the pudding.  My website shows it all.  No frills here, just a good website with all the work I do and a rustic outdoor barn.  I love what I do.  I urge you to look at my photo gallery to see the countless horses I've trained.  There's more, I just didn't find the time to pull them out of old computer files, but will do on a rainy day!  If you want a good event horse, let me hunt your horse.  It's very simple.  They become confident, brave and bold.  If you bought a horse and was told it hunts and you find out that it is dangerous, send him to me. 

You just don't have a hunt horse, you make one. This is huge and all the hunters out there know exactly what I mean. When people call me up and say 'When you get a hunt horse in, call me'. I say to them, I never get a hunt horse in, I make them and this takes time. Good hunt horses are hard to find. When you see 'prospect', beware, as this is a horse that has never hunted and possibly can, if it's done right. You can either fry your horses head, put yourself in the hospital or do it right by taking it slow.  Prepare your horse as much as you can in advance before the first time.  This is what I do.  I make a hell of a horse.  They are confident, fit, forward, bold and obedient.  I prepare them all Spring / Summer long and they are fit and ready to begin the introduction to hounds in August and cubbing in September.  Once I have them on a hunting program, they are ready for their first event (Eventing) in the late Winter / Spring.

Training.   I have been taught some wonderful techniques by a Master Graduate of the School of Vienna.  I have done many clinics with Olympic Medalists and have taken a bit of each and put their teachings into my own training program.  I have taken years of Dressage Lessons ($$$)!  All of my horses start out doing Dressage work for suppleness and strength, then we go off property and do work in the woods and xc, stadium jumping  and introduce showing, hunter paces, hunting, etc.  My horses get exposed to life: kids, atv's, motorcycles, tractors, lawnmowers, machinery, garbage, dogs, deer, whatever we encounter. They learn to accept it because I encourage new things with confidence.  I am a bold confident rider and it transfers onto my horses.  Most of the horses I make can go onto eventing and have. Lots of them go to dressage careers, hunter jumper and some are now in the upper levels abroad.   My horses are scattered around the country hunting coyote & fox and, English pleasure riding horses, as well as therapy riding.  People that buy my horses are generally in the middle aged category and want the horse right and do not have the time or energy to make a horse do what they want.  I have also sold to professionals.  I sell to  intermediate and advanced riders that like what I produce so they can just get on and go!  My horses are fit, forward and obedient.  My horses do not have vices, and they have good manners in all situations.  I prefer to bring in a young green horse to mold.  It's my speciality.  I can take on any horse at any age and work with it and fix whatever human errors that were taught to the horse and turn it around and make it a pleasant manageable willing horse.  I have a gift and it's working with the horses.

I am not a dealer. I do not buy a horse and flip it in a month. I take my sweet old time with them and when they are ready for sale, they are marketed accordingly and then sold to amazing homes with a job. I'm great at finding the perfect job for the horse as I get in their head and I feel their bodies and they show me what they will be able to do best.  I have the feel and I can communicate with any horse and get willing results.   I listen to them and they listen to me.  My horses are worth every penny.  I cater to the middle aged!  I know what they are looking for and what they need and do not need.  I will not sell the wrong horse to the wrong person.