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"It is the union of man and animal in the beauty of nature's setting. Mounted men and women are privileged to follow and watch this timeless drama of hunter and hunted. The fox or coyote maneuvers, circles, runs and dodges, trying cunningly to escape the pack. The hounds pursue across plains or through woods, over fields or across creeks, into mashes and over rock walls and fences. All the while, the music of hounds in full cry and the stirring call of the horn echoes through the chase. It's a crescendo of sounds and sights that thrills you beyond imagination. Foxhunting is the grand opera of hunting. Mother Nature is the stage manager; baying hounds and hunting horns are the orchestra; pack and prey are the actors. Huntsmen and horses-in front-row seats-make up the audience. As they watch, the plot gradually plays out before them until the prey at last is lost, accounted for or goes to ground. Every performance is unique; no show is ever repeated. Foxhunting provides those fleeting moments of total abandonment-of wind-in-your-hair, bugs-in-your-teeth kind of living. At its best, it is totally out of control. Hounds are screaming, hooves are thundering, the horn is blasting as you race and jump across country to die for, often in weather not fit for man or beast. It is the original extreme sport and the sport of country people from every generation since the beginning of time."

Excerpt from the book "Whipper-in", by Dennis J. Foster, by permission from the author.


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elcome to Bay Breeze Farm located in the beautiful Long Island Horse Country. There are over 50,000 horses on Long Island, and I have a few of the very special ones! Bay Breeze farm has relocated from the lovely Hampton's now to Manorville, Long Island where we are conveniently close to all the hunts on our fixture and other local horse affiliated events. We are a private facility with a select few horses in training for dressage, fox hunting and cross country training. We make a safe hunt horse, trail horse and a good mount for life! We do lots of cross country riding and periodically have good dressage / show prospects that can do more than just foxhunt. Our horses are our friends and they will be ready to be yours too!

We all want a safe horse and we all want to enjoy a good ride. We also don't want to be lied to! I've been there and that's why I started this. Every horse I ever bought was not what I was told it was and it still seems to be... I'm honest and have nothing to hide. It is what it is and I will tell it to you.

About Me:
I make (not break), young horses and when I buy older ones, I fix any behavior problems immediately, I ground train them, we get trust & we build confidence. We instantly work on basic dressage. We school in the ring, in the woods, on the road and trailer all over the place. I get them fit, I blow the horn off their back, I get them accustomed to the whip and carrying things while riding with one hand. They get acquainted with the hounds and we ride with them and exercise them together. I have other people ride them when they are ready. I have different people hunt them, before they go to their new homes. We trail ride alone and with others. We run alongside the deer and we fly through the woods. I'm at home in the woods and so are my horses. I'm at home in the hunt and so are my horses. Within time, they know their job and are confident doing it. This takes time and so do I. If my horses aren't ready for something we wait until we get it. I don't push them and I never pound on them. They all learn how to jump. Some can go high and some can't, I will let the buyer know the deal with what they can handle. If time permits, we also do parades here and there and show during the off hunt season to keep our horses well rounded with multi-disciplines I won't sugar coat anything. I do not drug my horses. If you have to drug them, why have it?

My horses will be well worth every penny as they will have been exposed to fox hunting and lots more. They will be accustomed to the water, beaches, ponds, lakes, small rivers, woods, fields, rings, roads, bridges, children, atv's, tractors, cars, trucks, garbage, jumps (natural & not), hounds dogs of all kinds & deer. I use lots of ground work, jumping rings, dressage rings, outdoor hunt courses, indoor riding rings, roads, race tracks and lots of Natural Horsemanship techniques. All horses will be exposed to major ground work and basic dressage. All horses will stand still to mount and will have respect and manners for the riders before they are ready for sale. If there's an issue, I will tell you what it is. You will also know the history as I know it. My horses do not spook, because I don't.

People ask me... Why are you selling this horse? If it does all you say, why would you sell it? This is what I do. Hunting is what I do. I'm talented and have a natural passion for my horses and for hunting. I'm dedicated. I have a plan, I work it and I get the job done. I'm not a dealer... I'm a horse person!

I make a good hunt horse:
I prepare horses for the hunt, I hunt them, I put them in every position in the hunt and will tell you the truth. I will let you know what kind of owner would best suit my horse/s. I will tell you where they are best to work in the hunt. This is my passion and I know what I'm doing. My horses will save you hospital visits when I'm done with them. You can say goodbye to the fearful moment of taking a horse out for the first time on a hunt because I've already done this for you (many times). This will give you confidence to hunt safely. So, if you understand the danger in the hunt you will understand you pay for what you get. I've done all the hard stuff, I've taught them well for their new owners to come, which can be you. If you want a pleasure horse, that's fine, they will do more than accommodate you.

A little about our Hunt:
Our hunt is recognized and in existence for over 100 years. We are a drag hunt and our jumps are not higher than 3'. Most of our terrain is woods with some trappy areas. We move quickly in and out of trees. We are fortunate to have two locations on the Beach and a few hunts with lakes and ponds. We keep the tradition going with proper hunt attire and fit well turned out horses.

...Hunting and cross country riding is my passion. If your horse has a behavior problem and lacks respect... that's my specialty! I like to train the horses to do what I like. If you have a horse that you no longer want and need it to be sold to the RIGHT home, call me. If I can help you like I have others, please feel free to telephone me or e-mail me. My website is constantly updated. If you have the patience, I'll get the horse ready. Good things take time! To do the job right, I can only handle a select few horses at a time.


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